Music to My Ears

 One area of my life I have taken for granted recently is the joy of listening to music. It never had occurred to me I had even stopped. After moving several times I took cd’s out of my car, stopped the radio, and even gave up on my extensive list of Pandora radio stations. What I did no realize is how much music helps people with everyday tasks of life. Music can be heard when you are driving somewhere, relaxing, or as a background at a party but it helps with your mental state in more ways than one. For this reason, I have brought music back into my life. Music is important to my future because it is relaxing in rough times, and gives me a broader perspective of different cultural values.

It has been hard on me trying to wrap up one chapter of my life and music gives me an uplifting beat to motivate me to drive to school. A lot of people do not even know how much a simple mix tape can perk up a person’s mood. For example, I found old cd’s my friends had made me in high school. These songs brought back memories of fun times and made the moment I was listening to them even better. However, music is not only made to help influence a person’s mood. It also gives us a sense of culture.

Not everyone listens to the same type of music. There can be anything from reggae, to pop, to hip hop, or rock. The list goes on forever. Since I am obtaining a major in communication it has been interesting comparing what different music means to different people.

 Recently, I had the opportunity to watch some Christian Rock bands because some of my friends were interested in them. I am happy to try new things but I was reluctant to go because I never had listened to that genre before. I definitely had my doubts but after the concert I was impressed at how modern their style was but also that their words had powerful meaning behind them. I really liked that the focus on gaining strength from independence and others. Before listening, I would have never known the values of this culture.

 I look forward to experiencing more different types of music after graduating to broaden my knowledge of music cultures. Try listening to Benjah! I was skeptical but I have grown to enjoy his beat and powerful message.