Social “You”

In my Social Media course at UNM we learned about the Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) recent social media crisis on Superintendent Winston Brooks and his degrading tweets towards another person. I believe Winston Brooks was not rational as a person and in social media but in general, the lack of awareness is HUGE on social media and the Internet. Someone’s personal image, company’s image, and relationships can be ruined in a matter of second by simply having the wrong wording in a message. My advice is simple and realistic if you are working on your own image.

 To begin, if you are unfamiliar with a tool, research it or take a workshop on it. The Internet helps us hold millions of pages of information right at our fingertips. UTILIZE IT! The more knowledge you have the less errors you will make. The uneducated users make up most of the obscene or poorly outlined sites.

 Second, make sure there is a social media specialist at the company. They should be in charge of sending our messages so there are little discrepancies between ideals. Brooks should not have been writing without approval and it could have avoided the situation all together.

Finally, companies should revamp their systems on training social media professionals. There are few well-trained people in these areas so there is no cycle of communication on subjects. A thorough process of evaluation of professionals and the way the posts are made is hard to make but very beneficial in the end because there is rules to fall back. If someone mistweets and needs to know how to respond appropriately, the process is a backbone of the social media outlet for that company. The person who makes a mistake, like Brooks, should be able to stand up for their words on the site they were using.

While it may seem complicated at first, I suggest three simple actions to have a successful company with social media. First research what site you are promoting on to know why and how to use I in the first place. Second and third go hand-in-hand because I believe a company needs a specialist who has a solid system of how to use social media to be successful.

Let me know these tips work out for you!




Serendipity: one of my favorite words for its pure result. According to Serendipity is, “an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident, good fortune, or luck.” I believe this is the feeling many people get one something important in their life goes just right and they have no explanation for it. I know that it how I have been lucky enough to have high school memories with no regrets, and the force was at work when I met my boyfriend. Besides that, the statement I hear most often is that some jobs or careers just “fell” into someone’s lap. Now that I will officially have my degree in communication, I know that a work of fortune might be in the works for myself.

When I started college, all I knew was that I enjoyed working with people. Later on I wanted to implement my skills as an anchor on the local news. In fear that I would get too tied down, I made my major more broad. However, after eventually applying and not getting into UNM School of Law, I have realized that there are many opportunities as a major in communication to get involved in the community. Olivet College in Michigan lists thirteen categories amongst hundreds, including law, healthcare, and theater that would be a good fit. I was overwhelmed thinking what I would do with so many options, but former newscaster, of 30 years, Dianne Anderson came into my current part time job and made me excited again. It seemed like fate or an act of serendipity. So, I decided to research the ideal skills to work on the news.

In the article, “How to Get Your First News Job,” by Ike Pigott on, he gives a list of ten qualities to get your name in the news. Three aspects that really stood out to me are to network, be flexible, and be humble. I know that I already took up on networking by making a point to talk to Anderson when she came in my work but I also plan to visit the local news stations and turn in my resume. The hours might not be ideal in the beginning so I plan to be flexible with my current job, and if I’m offered one from them I will focus solely on that not juggling two positions. Finally, I know that being humble is very important when you are broadcast across the television. Nonverbal body language is very evident when you are being magnified by a camera and I will be sure to be confident and “humanize” any broadcasts I make in order to get experience for applying for internships.

Overall, I have learned that small accidents can lead to a prosperous future and I hope the same can happen for you.

Music to My Ears

 One area of my life I have taken for granted recently is the joy of listening to music. It never had occurred to me I had even stopped. After moving several times I took cd’s out of my car, stopped the radio, and even gave up on my extensive list of Pandora radio stations. What I did no realize is how much music helps people with everyday tasks of life. Music can be heard when you are driving somewhere, relaxing, or as a background at a party but it helps with your mental state in more ways than one. For this reason, I have brought music back into my life. Music is important to my future because it is relaxing in rough times, and gives me a broader perspective of different cultural values.

It has been hard on me trying to wrap up one chapter of my life and music gives me an uplifting beat to motivate me to drive to school. A lot of people do not even know how much a simple mix tape can perk up a person’s mood. For example, I found old cd’s my friends had made me in high school. These songs brought back memories of fun times and made the moment I was listening to them even better. However, music is not only made to help influence a person’s mood. It also gives us a sense of culture.

Not everyone listens to the same type of music. There can be anything from reggae, to pop, to hip hop, or rock. The list goes on forever. Since I am obtaining a major in communication it has been interesting comparing what different music means to different people.

 Recently, I had the opportunity to watch some Christian Rock bands because some of my friends were interested in them. I am happy to try new things but I was reluctant to go because I never had listened to that genre before. I definitely had my doubts but after the concert I was impressed at how modern their style was but also that their words had powerful meaning behind them. I really liked that the focus on gaining strength from independence and others. Before listening, I would have never known the values of this culture.

 I look forward to experiencing more different types of music after graduating to broaden my knowledge of music cultures. Try listening to Benjah! I was skeptical but I have grown to enjoy his beat and powerful message.

Dress Your Brand For Success


Since last September I have learned a lot about how to work in the women’s retail store called White House|Black Market (WHBM). I began as an associate working about 10 hours a week. I acquired skills in talking with strangers, and being a close listener for women in need of a second opinion. You also work on women’s differing styles, and how to gain a strong network of shoppers in our community.

I was promoted to Sales Lead in January. In this position I learned how the operational side of the brand. We work on training associates and how to keep statistics at our goals. These statistics are based off of how much we sell in each transaction, how many women that come in the store purchase an item, and how high the total price is per transaction. If this does not seem stressful, I bet you cannot even imagine the responsibilities of learning how to be a manger of your boutique such as this.

Now that I am graduating, I have the opportunity to take on a higher position called Assistant Store Manager. The position seemed daunting at first but after researching and reviewing a few sites I learned that running a business does have a basic foundation.

I was most intrigued by two points in Devlin Smith’s article called 10 Insider Tips for Retail Success. First, I like her section on “keeping a store theme.” WHBM makes it a point for women to “feel beautiful” and I highly support that value. Smith believes that this theme should be able to expect to see the theme throughout the store. Whether is be the associates dressing in the brand or types of products displayed, keeping a theme helps create loyal customers who return for the unique theme of the store.

The second tip that seemed true to our brand is that the “customer is key to a successful business”. Every day we are expected to conduct tasks that improve the visual of the store. However, our main concern is always the customer, or as we call her “Sydney.” Sydney is always number one in our values. That means we must drop our tasks to work with her. Even is she is not buying it is good to make the social connection because working in a boutique such as this requires trusting relationships rather than a harsh environment where women think they are just being persuaded to give up their money.

If you get a chance check out Smith’s article or Ruth Fine’s notes on AZ Central about what all boutiques have in common at


After starting HM: Fancy&Fresh at the beginning of the school semester, I was not sure what to expect. Our target audience became one of the most important aspects of creating a successful blog. My goal is still to focus on life improvement tips for women who are emerging into the professional world because in the future I want to create a community of woman who are willing to help each other be well rounded and happy. After reviewing a PowerPoint for the UNM Social Media class on Developing Your Social Media Plan, I have decided that I still have a lot of work to do if I want to make this blog more appealing.

 To begin, I have begun to analyze how my WordPress account has been doing through the website’s own analysis statistics. I have posted 15 times in the course of the semester, with only 35 views and 1 comment. The best ever was 7 views on one post for “Hug in a Cup.” This makes me feel like I need to expand where I am promoting my site, not change the content. I believe this class has been our main target audience since we are experimenting together. Not everyone in the class is my demographic. For this reason I believe it has been hard to maintain constant communication with readers.

 If I were to continue this blog I would promote the intro video link I made on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram since those are primarily the sites that my friends and group of professional women view regularly. I love connecting with women who are trying to become better people so I know that the mission of my blog has passion behind it. I envision this blog to be most helpful in getting women involved in the job market but also enjoying themselves.

 Too many times we are caught up in the responsibilities of life. My audience will feel like this blog is an outlet and place where they can relax and still be productive. Ultimately, I hope this is a great segue into a career for myself in either the news or as a public relations consultant.

A Road Less Traveled

After not getting accepted in UNM School of Law, I was a little discouraged. My biggest concern was that for the first time in my life I did not know my next step. As more days passed I realized how fortunate I am to be getting an undergraduate degree of Arts in Communication and Spanish. So today, I want to give you all a little intro to another job opportunity I am looking at with this type of educational background. This career is called Public Relations.

I started off with the question, “what is public relations?” Award winning marketing and PR consultant, Al Laughtenslager has a great article called “Why You Need PR” on He states that according to Public Relations News, “public relations is the management function which evaluates public attitudes and identifies the policies and procedures of an individual or an organization with the public interest, and plans and executes a program of action to earn public understanding and acceptance.” This may seem like a bunch of “mumbo-jumbo” at first but it is because the job has a lot of different ways that it can be executed. I really like that Laughtenslager touches on each of these opportunities. Anything from public affairs to crisis communication is the place where a public communications consultant is needed. Some tasks involve executing are writing a press release, managing media contacts at an event, or lobbying.

The most interesting part of his article is that these jobs are influencing the public. I really enjoy being around people and as a communication major I think this would be a great fit for someone who understands how to appeal to others. He mentions that public relations is influencing the public and telling a good story just like we do in the UNM Social Media class. If there is anything I have learned from that class it is to write a creative piece with your target audience in mind. Laughtenslager even suggests changing the name to TMR or Target Market Relations since it relies so heavily on your audience.

If you have ever heard of big brands like Nike, or Harry Potter you can thank a public relations specialist. The biggest take home here is that they market a strategy to create a successful brand. I do not know about you but after hearing a small background on the career, public relations might be where I want to be.

Check out this additional site on 5 simple tips on starting your business as a PR consultant.

Why You Need PR-

Watch & Listen

I do not know about you all but I am getting worn out with school. That means that I am constantly looking for outlets to enjoy myself. Today, I have two suggestions for you.

  1. Watch
  2. Listen

First, I highly suggest checking out sights like Netflix and Hulu. They are wonderful sources for on demand access of our favorite shows in their complete series. While this can be addicting, my favorite part is that you do not miss any part of what is going on like keeping track of airdates and recording on VHS in the past.

Right now, I am hooked on the 2003-2007 drama, The O.C., created by Josh Schwartz. The O.C. is a about a teen, Ryan Atwood and his journey in finding a family into the wealthy society of Newport Beach after a troubled background. Ryan is adopted by the huge Newport Socialites, the Cohens, who connect him to a new love interest Marissa Cooper. While the themes may seem typical on paper, the show is nothing short of it’s drama category. Every topic from secrets, love, sex, drugs, money, and friendship are covered throughout the four seasons. I cannot get enough of the high school power team of Ryan, Marissa, Summer, and Seth. I recommend checking out this series if you want to reminisce to the times of the early 2000s when the Cali lifestyle was all the rage. It is a huge motivation for me to get through my homework and reward myself with an episode.

Check out the trailer below!

Additionally, I suggest checking out listening to music sites like Pandora and Spotify. I was shocked to hear that my dad had never heard of these sites before today. Pandora is a free radio music stream founded in 2000 with songs that play in any genre you type in the search engine. This free service is a great way to keep a fun, soothing, or upbeat atmosphere in between study sessions. My favorite station happens to be 90s right now. It is a great addition to the vibe I am feeling with The O.C. A similar site that I think is even better is Spotify. This newer website can also be accessed from a variety of devices like Pandora since it is an app. You can search a majority of music for free and add it to playlists to play under WiFi. I absolutely adore that I can get music for free without a struggle. Although you cannot add it to an iPod, you can upgrade both sites to premium and get full access features. If you are looking for something to listen to, try The Sign by Ace of Base that I featured below. It brings me straight to summertime.

Happy Easter all!