Social “You”

In my Social Media course at UNM we learned about the Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) recent social media crisis on Superintendent Winston Brooks and his degrading tweets towards another person. I believe Winston Brooks was not rational as a person and in social media but in general, the lack of awareness is HUGE on social media and the Internet. Someone’s personal image, company’s image, and relationships can be ruined in a matter of second by simply having the wrong wording in a message. My advice is simple and realistic if you are working on your own image.

 To begin, if you are unfamiliar with a tool, research it or take a workshop on it. The Internet helps us hold millions of pages of information right at our fingertips. UTILIZE IT! The more knowledge you have the less errors you will make. The uneducated users make up most of the obscene or poorly outlined sites.

 Second, make sure there is a social media specialist at the company. They should be in charge of sending our messages so there are little discrepancies between ideals. Brooks should not have been writing without approval and it could have avoided the situation all together.

Finally, companies should revamp their systems on training social media professionals. There are few well-trained people in these areas so there is no cycle of communication on subjects. A thorough process of evaluation of professionals and the way the posts are made is hard to make but very beneficial in the end because there is rules to fall back. If someone mistweets and needs to know how to respond appropriately, the process is a backbone of the social media outlet for that company. The person who makes a mistake, like Brooks, should be able to stand up for their words on the site they were using.

While it may seem complicated at first, I suggest three simple actions to have a successful company with social media. First research what site you are promoting on to know why and how to use I in the first place. Second and third go hand-in-hand because I believe a company needs a specialist who has a solid system of how to use social media to be successful.

Let me know these tips work out for you!



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