Serendipity: one of my favorite words for its pure result. According to Serendipity is, “an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident, good fortune, or luck.” I believe this is the feeling many people get one something important in their life goes just right and they have no explanation for it. I know that it how I have been lucky enough to have high school memories with no regrets, and the force was at work when I met my boyfriend. Besides that, the statement I hear most often is that some jobs or careers just “fell” into someone’s lap. Now that I will officially have my degree in communication, I know that a work of fortune might be in the works for myself.

When I started college, all I knew was that I enjoyed working with people. Later on I wanted to implement my skills as an anchor on the local news. In fear that I would get too tied down, I made my major more broad. However, after eventually applying and not getting into UNM School of Law, I have realized that there are many opportunities as a major in communication to get involved in the community. Olivet College in Michigan lists thirteen categories amongst hundreds, including law, healthcare, and theater that would be a good fit. I was overwhelmed thinking what I would do with so many options, but former newscaster, of 30 years, Dianne Anderson came into my current part time job and made me excited again. It seemed like fate or an act of serendipity. So, I decided to research the ideal skills to work on the news.

In the article, “How to Get Your First News Job,” by Ike Pigott on, he gives a list of ten qualities to get your name in the news. Three aspects that really stood out to me are to network, be flexible, and be humble. I know that I already took up on networking by making a point to talk to Anderson when she came in my work but I also plan to visit the local news stations and turn in my resume. The hours might not be ideal in the beginning so I plan to be flexible with my current job, and if I’m offered one from them I will focus solely on that not juggling two positions. Finally, I know that being humble is very important when you are broadcast across the television. Nonverbal body language is very evident when you are being magnified by a camera and I will be sure to be confident and “humanize” any broadcasts I make in order to get experience for applying for internships.

Overall, I have learned that small accidents can lead to a prosperous future and I hope the same can happen for you.


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