After starting HM: Fancy&Fresh at the beginning of the school semester, I was not sure what to expect. Our target audience became one of the most important aspects of creating a successful blog. My goal is still to focus on life improvement tips for women who are emerging into the professional world because in the future I want to create a community of woman who are willing to help each other be well rounded and happy. After reviewing a PowerPoint for the UNM Social Media class on Developing Your Social Media Plan, I have decided that I still have a lot of work to do if I want to make this blog more appealing.

 To begin, I have begun to analyze how my WordPress account has been doing through the website’s own analysis statistics. I have posted 15 times in the course of the semester, with only 35 views and 1 comment. The best ever was 7 views on one post for “Hug in a Cup.” This makes me feel like I need to expand where I am promoting my site, not change the content. I believe this class has been our main target audience since we are experimenting together. Not everyone in the class is my demographic. For this reason I believe it has been hard to maintain constant communication with readers.

 If I were to continue this blog I would promote the intro video link I made on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram since those are primarily the sites that my friends and group of professional women view regularly. I love connecting with women who are trying to become better people so I know that the mission of my blog has passion behind it. I envision this blog to be most helpful in getting women involved in the job market but also enjoying themselves.

 Too many times we are caught up in the responsibilities of life. My audience will feel like this blog is an outlet and place where they can relax and still be productive. Ultimately, I hope this is a great segue into a career for myself in either the news or as a public relations consultant.


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