Lobo Gardens

As the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” With April just a day away I cannot wait to get my hands in the earth and start planting for the beauty of summer. For my last semester at the University of New Mexico, I am lucky enough to be taking a course in gardening  called Lobo Gardens.

Lobo Gardens started in 2010 when students at the university dorms started gardening to help with sustainability without permission. After the school’s officials found out about the project they accepted that students were interested in working with the land and made it a course.

“The mission of Lobo Gardens is to to organically build a gardening community within & beyond the University of New Mexico focusing on permaculture techniques utilized to grow healthy ecosystems between people and the natural world we live in. Inquiring together to bring about a benevolent society.”

After only one class, I highly recommend that students either take the class or just volunteer in the physical areas. By Hokona Hall there is a spot where you can work on herbs that all students are welcome to take. The second garden in over by Casas del Rio dorms with organic vegetables, composting, and water conservation efforts take place.

As the Community Outreach Chair this semester, you can contact myself to get more information about how we are trying to get more well known on campus. Some of my goals include more signage by the gardens, and being a chartered student organization. If you are nearby, you can check us out at the Lobo Grower’s Market by the Student Union Building on April 22nd from 9am-2pm. We will have free tea giveaways at our table and there will be a lot of opportunities to learn more about food security with local growers table around New Mexico.

The biggest advice I can give is that no matter how little experience you have you can be a gardener.  I look forward to learning more techniques and to pass on to you. If there are further volunteer events I will make sure to keep my notices up to date.

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