A must see!

Happy Sunday all!

Hope daylight savings is treating you well. If you get a second in your shortened day, think of your favorite brands. Is it Nike, Apple, Make-a-Wish, or maybe even Coach? Have you ever thought about what really makes them appealing? Many of us do not.

Now picture this: running across the beach with a sunburnt orange across a shimmering ocean on the background. Two ladies evoke this very feeling in every post they have.

Today, I am taking a deeper look into Tone it Up by Personal Trainers and Lifestyle Coaches Karina Hodgson and Karen Dawn. I was first drawn to them when I saw someone had reposted a fitness photo of theirs on Instagram. I was hooked after viewing their website because I had been searching for fitness tips while I trained for a half marathon. I had hit the jackpot!


As real life best friends and founders of the brand Tone It Up, I connected instantly. I like that their techniques were easy, attainable, and fun. I could tell right away that their age and creativity were similar to mine after viewing their Instagram and it inspired me to be even better.

Followers are able to join their brand Tone It Up by posting pictures of themselves on Instagram after completing a workout. Karena and Katrina also keep me as a follower because they post mini videos on their brand and personal life experiences. I believe their success is due to tactics on social media like this.

Karena and Katrina have drawn a larger audience within the last year. The Tone It Up team has hit it big on a new show on Bravo TV and every time I get on my personal social media sites I see a post from either their website or followers. I like that they repost some of the followers they feel are doing a great job with their workouts.

The women also utilize cross promoting with other name brands in conjunction with their own such as Oakley and Oprah as their cohort.  ZOG Digital on Wepostmedia.com states this is why Starbucks is so successful. They even have a product called Perfect Fit in addition to the workout videos on their website, and healthy recipes to help with weight loss.


Overall, I am very impressed with their brand personality! It comes off as desirable and attainable for all ages. I would not suggest they change anything. One follower’s response really struck me.

“As I walked up to their office I could hear the waves and feel the ocean breeze. It was exactly what I had imagined from watching their videos on YouTube. They reside just a block from the sand. As I walked in, the two greeted me with smiles and open arms. Katrina excused herself and said, “Oh we give hugs, thanks for coming.”

-Abigail Baker

You cannot beat life coaches that are as welcoming and approachable as you have seen in this personal experience.

I hope you can take the time out of your day to check out Karena and Katrina and all their social media outlets via Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, their website, and even on Bravo TV to help yourself and these young ladies succeed!



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