Tweet Talk Year 2075

With so many social media networks buzzing in cyberspace, how do we know whether these sites will last? New York Times writer, David Carr, made some interesting points as to whether Twitter will be around in the future. In the beginning, he seemed resistant to the site because the name is “trite” and “inconsequential.” Carr specifically mentions how annoying viewers see posts that give a play-by-play of what they are eating, not something of substance. However, Carr also likes to get the news quickly and this is what Twitter does.

This “friction free” site, as Carr states, works quickly because a user can write less than 140 characters to get across a message with the click of a button. While this may not seem like a lot of room for information, Carr mentions that since Twitter is customizable users like the creativity and get better at it with use. Most importantly, he believes it is the gateway for society to connect with well-known leaders and look into their deeper thoughts like we never could before. Many of us would attest to the fact that we want to see that celebrities are “real” and human. In the PR Pro’s Guide to Twitter, Heather Whaling states that this humanization element is essential in the Twitter realm.

Many of you may have heard of the Oscar buzz lately on Twitter’s most retweeted selfie with various famous actors and actresses such as Brad Pit and Jennifer Laurence. This tweet’s success was most likely due to the same factor of humanization. If you have not gotten a chance to check it out, I have attached the picture below.


Personally, I have not been a fan of Twitter in the past. It seems overwhelming with the various home screens and the tweet talk jargon involved in posts such as hash tags. Another deter to my use of Twitter is that you cannot easily find “friends” or followers in this case like you can on Facebook. I do not feel like it is as easy to follow my fan base of choice. However, after doing several readings, I believe I have a better understanding of the site and how it can last in the future. The biggest gain I can see is connecting with companies to get further in the workplace and help other companies excel by exposing their products.

Overall, Twitter may be kinda scary in the beginning but I highly suggest giving it a try. As Technology Observer, Steven Johnson states, Twitter is something like plumbing; it is a necessity and will not discontinue.

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