Lobo Gardens

As the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” With April just a day away I cannot wait to get my hands in the earth and start planting for the beauty of summer. For my last semester at the University of New Mexico, I am lucky enough to be taking a course in gardening  called Lobo Gardens.

Lobo Gardens started in 2010 when students at the university dorms started gardening to help with sustainability without permission. After the school’s officials found out about the project they accepted that students were interested in working with the land and made it a course.

“The mission of Lobo Gardens is to to organically build a gardening community within & beyond the University of New Mexico focusing on permaculture techniques utilized to grow healthy ecosystems between people and the natural world we live in. Inquiring together to bring about a benevolent society.”

After only one class, I highly recommend that students either take the class or just volunteer in the physical areas. By Hokona Hall there is a spot where you can work on herbs that all students are welcome to take. The second garden in over by Casas del Rio dorms with organic vegetables, composting, and water conservation efforts take place.

As the Community Outreach Chair this semester, you can contact myself to get more information about how we are trying to get more well known on campus. Some of my goals include more signage by the gardens, and being a chartered student organization. If you are nearby, you can check us out at the Lobo Grower’s Market by the Student Union Building on April 22nd from 9am-2pm. We will have free tea giveaways at our table and there will be a lot of opportunities to learn more about food security with local growers table around New Mexico.

The biggest advice I can give is that no matter how little experience you have you can be a gardener.  I look forward to learning more techniques and to pass on to you. If there are further volunteer events I will make sure to keep my notices up to date.

Check out their Facebook or WordPress account below:






Happy St. Patty’s day lovelies.

I hope you are taking up on the opportunity to celebrate lucky charms, skittles, and all things green today. Personally, I have been taking up on the opportunity to give back to my friends lately with the change in seasons.

One site I am sure many of your have at least heard of is Pinterest. It is by far one of my favorite places to gain “Pinsperation” for what gifts I want to make. For those of you that have not heard of it, Pinterest is “a tool for collecting and organizing the things that inspire you.” Ben Silbermann, Evan Sharp, and Paul Sciarra co-founded the website in March 2010 so we are upon it’s four year anniversary! I am such a huge fan and highly recommend you check it out if you are interested in finding new ideas such as a hobby or project.

You can check out my personal Pinterest at pinterest.com/serendipitea23.

I have 47 collections or boards of ideas that range anywhere from home décor to new recipes. Two projects I want to share with you today involve gifts for someone special in your life. This past Valentine’s Day I realized I need to plan a gift for a guy I have been talking to but I did not want to do the usual box of chocolates and stuffed animal. I got creative searched on Pinterest and made a little bucket of goodies pictured below.


Here are the contents:

Blue moon and oranges

Betty Crocker butter cookie mix with Dove chocolate hearts on top

It turned out to be a simple and cost effective gift but it was exactly what I wanted.

He was lucky enough to receive a second gift because he moved into a new house this past weekend and I wanted to do something small. Since it was the weekend before the irish holiday I got him a 6 pack of Guiness and a bottle opener for the new kitchen that holds the bottle caps to save for future projects.


I want to use those to make bottle cap coasters, like these I found on Pinterest, in the future.


There are a HUGE variety of links you can find on Pinterest so I hope you take up on looking through the website. It is where I find some of my most creative and original ideas.

“May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light.

May good luck pursue you each morning and night.

– Traditional Irish blessing”


Color up your spring!

Spring is officially in the air!

As the weather gets warmer, I know one thing I always crave is a NEW wardrobe. If you are in need of something fresh and original I suggest checking out livefashionable.com. I personally love the scarves! They are something that I have never seen before.


 This website is a unique place for clothing that you CANNOT get anywhere else. FashionABLE is dedicated to sustaining a business for Africans so they are not relying on the help of others to live comfortably. My favorite part of this program is that it is win-win. You may have heard of companies like Toms. They give one pair of shoes to a child in need when you buy a pair yourself. This company is similar but maintains Africa on a higher level, economically. Women are able to get unique products that reflect their personality while the company empowers women. They create an increased job market where African women make the products. In this way, they are truly contributing their community, families, and themselves not just receiving care.

It all began when Barrett Ward and his wife Rachel saw how African woman were having to make detrimental decisions for money because they were so poverty stricken. Many resulted to prostitution in a hopeless effort to support their families. While in Ethiopia, various women told the couple they just want an opportunity to work not be thought of as a charity. So they gave the woman this. Their main goal is to create fair wage and hiring practices for women. With one thriving business they believe they can make a social change globally.


A special bonus is that each product is named after a woman struggling to make it and has her story attached. For example, Genet was able to embrace her role as a mother at age 15 because she could felt she had to resort to prostitution. Now, she enjoys working with Fashionable in dignity and has a support system of friends to rely on.


If you are looking for that one extra piece to complete your wardrobe I urge you to check out FashionABLE to help women like yourself be successful.


“Through your purchase, you are ABLE to provide opportunity, and a woman is ABLE to have a new choice.”

A must see!

Happy Sunday all!

Hope daylight savings is treating you well. If you get a second in your shortened day, think of your favorite brands. Is it Nike, Apple, Make-a-Wish, or maybe even Coach? Have you ever thought about what really makes them appealing? Many of us do not.

Now picture this: running across the beach with a sunburnt orange across a shimmering ocean on the background. Two ladies evoke this very feeling in every post they have.

Today, I am taking a deeper look into Tone it Up by Personal Trainers and Lifestyle Coaches Karina Hodgson and Karen Dawn. I was first drawn to them when I saw someone had reposted a fitness photo of theirs on Instagram. I was hooked after viewing their website because I had been searching for fitness tips while I trained for a half marathon. I had hit the jackpot!


As real life best friends and founders of the brand Tone It Up, I connected instantly. I like that their techniques were easy, attainable, and fun. I could tell right away that their age and creativity were similar to mine after viewing their Instagram and it inspired me to be even better.

Followers are able to join their brand Tone It Up by posting pictures of themselves on Instagram after completing a workout. Karena and Katrina also keep me as a follower because they post mini videos on their brand and personal life experiences. I believe their success is due to tactics on social media like this.

Karena and Katrina have drawn a larger audience within the last year. The Tone It Up team has hit it big on a new show on Bravo TV and every time I get on my personal social media sites I see a post from either their website or followers. I like that they repost some of the followers they feel are doing a great job with their workouts.

The women also utilize cross promoting with other name brands in conjunction with their own such as Oakley and Oprah as their cohort.  ZOG Digital on Wepostmedia.com states this is why Starbucks is so successful. They even have a product called Perfect Fit in addition to the workout videos on their website, and healthy recipes to help with weight loss.


Overall, I am very impressed with their brand personality! It comes off as desirable and attainable for all ages. I would not suggest they change anything. One follower’s response really struck me.

“As I walked up to their office I could hear the waves and feel the ocean breeze. It was exactly what I had imagined from watching their videos on YouTube. They reside just a block from the sand. As I walked in, the two greeted me with smiles and open arms. Katrina excused herself and said, “Oh we give hugs, thanks for coming.”

-Abigail Baker

You cannot beat life coaches that are as welcoming and approachable as you have seen in this personal experience.

I hope you can take the time out of your day to check out Karena and Katrina and all their social media outlets via Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, their website, and even on Bravo TV to help yourself and these young ladies succeed!


Keep Calm & Yoga On

We all know what time of year it is. Midterms. For those of you young ladies out there studying is probably the last responsibility you want to have before spring break.

Good news is Gary Felsten from the Journal of Environmental Psychology believes in a concept called Attention Restoration Theory or ART for short. His studies have found that taking a break from studying to go outside recuperates students’ cognitive ability.

Today I have a few suggestions on how to keep ART in mind during midterms. Check out this fun picture I found on Pinterest with 50 Ways to take a break below to get started.


Personally, I have found a niche in destressing with yoga. The term “yoga” comes from the Sanskrit root “yuj” or to yoke the mind and body together. With a variety of stretch techniques, yoga has proven to lower blood pressure and keep us calm. Whether you are a beginner, like myself, or an expert yoga is a wonderful way to realign your mind.


A fairly new company that in my hometown of Albuquerque is Lululemon. This Canadian yoga studio has blossomed since it’s founding in 1998. Their mission is to help people to “live longer, healthier, and fun lives.” My favorite component of their company is that they have strong ties to their local communities by giving yoga workshops, job opportunities, high quality athletic products, and yoga tips. You cannot beat products that are meant to last for nearly 5 years.

I always have had an exceptional experience going into our Lululemon store. Some opportunities they explain and provide are complimentary events every weekend. This includes a 30 minute run on Saturdays and a Sunday yoga class.

As a sneak preview I am attaching my preferred yoga sequence for test week because it is quick and easy when you are busy.


Yoga might seem a little intimidating if you never have done it before but the best part is it can be done at home. With a little searching on the web from sites such as Google, Pinterest, and even Lululemon.com there is a plethora of ways that you can rejuvenate during the stresses of midterm exams.

If you want a visual check out this Youtube video link below!

Best wishes studying everyone. Do NOT forget to make time for yourselves.


Tweet Talk Year 2075

With so many social media networks buzzing in cyberspace, how do we know whether these sites will last? New York Times writer, David Carr, made some interesting points as to whether Twitter will be around in the future. In the beginning, he seemed resistant to the site because the name is “trite” and “inconsequential.” Carr specifically mentions how annoying viewers see posts that give a play-by-play of what they are eating, not something of substance. However, Carr also likes to get the news quickly and this is what Twitter does.

This “friction free” site, as Carr states, works quickly because a user can write less than 140 characters to get across a message with the click of a button. While this may not seem like a lot of room for information, Carr mentions that since Twitter is customizable users like the creativity and get better at it with use. Most importantly, he believes it is the gateway for society to connect with well-known leaders and look into their deeper thoughts like we never could before. Many of us would attest to the fact that we want to see that celebrities are “real” and human. In the PR Pro’s Guide to Twitter, Heather Whaling states that this humanization element is essential in the Twitter realm.

Many of you may have heard of the Oscar buzz lately on Twitter’s most retweeted selfie with various famous actors and actresses such as Brad Pit and Jennifer Laurence. This tweet’s success was most likely due to the same factor of humanization. If you have not gotten a chance to check it out, I have attached the picture below.


Personally, I have not been a fan of Twitter in the past. It seems overwhelming with the various home screens and the tweet talk jargon involved in posts such as hash tags. Another deter to my use of Twitter is that you cannot easily find “friends” or followers in this case like you can on Facebook. I do not feel like it is as easy to follow my fan base of choice. However, after doing several readings, I believe I have a better understanding of the site and how it can last in the future. The biggest gain I can see is connecting with companies to get further in the workplace and help other companies excel by exposing their products.

Overall, Twitter may be kinda scary in the beginning but I highly suggest giving it a try. As Technology Observer, Steven Johnson states, Twitter is something like plumbing; it is a necessity and will not discontinue.