What does it take?

A social media professional is a new position taking the scenes on the job market. There is much dispute over what traits make these people successful and if the position is worth the price. Gary Vaynerchuk’s view of social media is drastically for “living in a digital world” while Peter Shankman is subjectively against it. Personally, I agree with Vaynerchuk because there is not a moment when you do not see people working with technology. However, I believe that their ideals have the common goal of having competent and engaging posts. If you want to be a social media professional I suggest three key traits: staying active with your posts, being mature with your content, and being passionate about your work.

With such high access to media sharing devices, the world is always connected and it is expected that advertisements be readily updated. Staying up to date will not only keep your page fresh but your readers engaged. The greatest importance I see is being selective with these posts.

The second trait I find important is maturity. The main emphasis in this trait is being taking seriously. Vaynerchuk mentioned that he did not care about what personal immaturities, like 3am pictures of partying, that a potential social media professional had on Facebook but if the person posted their content creatively and properly. I like that some people still want potential media professionals to be themselves within reason. This leads me to my last point, passion for your work.

As with anything, there are going to be tasks that you do not want to undertake. When it comes down to your profession, I hope that anyone takes on their passion. In order to be able to succeed in the traits that are essential for a media professional this seems like a prerequisite. If a person is not happy with what they are working on it will reflect in the feedback of their site. Some other points that seem attainable once a person works in their passion are transparency and knowing the audience because the media professional will be able to relate to the ideas being communicated.

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